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Invisalign® – Ellicott City, MD

A Clear Path Towards a Straighter Smile

Do you wish you had straighter teeth, but hate the idea of having a mouth full of metal wires and brackets? Many adults and teens forgo the orthodontic treatment they need because of how traditional braces would impact their appearance and lifestyle. Thankfully, at My Ellicott City Dentist, we offer a clear path towards a straighter smile with Invisalign®! Read on below or give us a call today to learn more about this revolutionary orthodontic treatment. 

Why Choose My Ellicott City Dentist For Invisalign®?

  • #1 Personalized Treatment for Your Unique Smile
  • #2 Friendly and Highly Trained Team of Dentists
  • #3 Special Offers & Financing Plans Available

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Closeup of patient wearing Invisalign in Ellicott City

Once we’ve determined that Invisalign® is a good choice for you, we’ll take scans of your teeth. This information will be used to create a series of clear aligners that map out your path towards a straighter smile. They’re designed to fit snugly yet comfortably over your teeth, where they’ll apply specific amounts of pressure to certain parts of your mouth. Gradually, this pressure will shift your teeth into their ideal positions.

Each set is slightly different than the last, taking you one step closer towards your final results. After about two weeks of wearing the same aligners for 20-22 hours every day, you’ll move on to wearing your next set of aligners. Every six to eight weeks, you’ll come visit us for a quick checkup to ensure your treatment is on track. This pattern will continue until all your teeth are aligned and your smile has been straightened.

What Are The Benefits of Invisalign®?

Smiling woman holds out Invisalign in Ellicott City

Over the last two decades, more than 12 million patients have chosen to straighten their teeth with Invisalign®. Although you might initially think it’s because it’s considerably more discreet than traditional braces, that’s actually just one of the many benefits of clear aligner treatment. With this in mind, keep reading to learn several unique benefits of Invisalign® that patients in Ellicott City love!

Improved Comfort

Man in blue shirt smiling while talking on phone at home

Unlike traditional orthodontics, Invisalign® aligners don’t have any sharp metal wires or brackets. Instead, each tray is custom-made from smooth plastic, preventing uncomfortable soft tissue irritation in the process. In short, you can expect a much more comfortable straightening experience when you choose clear aligners.

Nearly Invisible Appearance

Man with glasses smiling while working

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t touch on how discreet Invisalign® is. Since the aligners are see-through, you’ll be able to smile confidently knowing your aligners are practically invisible all throughout your treatment. Just make sure to prioritize cleaning your teeth and your trays to keep it that way!

Hassle-Free Dental Hygiene

Woman smiling while brushing her teeth in bathroom

Interproximal toothbrushes and pre-threaded floss are just two of the many oral hygiene products patients with traditional braces need to buy in order to keep their teeth and their brackets free of debris. Not with Invisalign®! Since the aligners are removable, all you need to do is take them out before brushing and flossing as usual.

Saves Time

Dentist showing patient image on tablet

When compared to traditional braces, you’ll spend less time visiting us for checkups and adjustments when straightening your smile with Invisalign®. That’s because the check-in visits are every six to eight weeks instead of every four weeks. Plus, each appointment only takes about 15 minutes (as long as your teeth are moving as anticipated).

Boosted Confidence

Woman with white teeth smiling while standing outside

Sometimes, patients with metal brackets and wires feel like they can’t smile confidently until the very end of their orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign®, patients can enjoy improved self-esteem because their braces are virtually undetectable. You’ll also have a front-row seat for watching your teeth move, making you more confident by the day.

More Freedom

Group of friends smiling and hugging while sitting on couch

One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign® is that it’s designed to blend in with your lifestyle. As a result, you don’t need to completely eliminate any foods or drinks from your diet! All you need to do is take your trays out before eating or drinking anything other than water and, of course, do your best to eat a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet.

Understanding the Cost of Invisalign

Invisalign aligners lying on a table

Invisalign aligners are a great way to straighten your teeth without wires and brackets, but as with any kind of orthodontic treatment, many people are put off of it because they’re worried about the cost.

We want to make budgeting as easy as possible for our patients, so we aim to be as transparent about price as possible. If you want to know more about the cost of Invisalign services, here’s some information you may find useful.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Invisalign 

Young man holding an Invisalign aligner

It’s worth noting that there are several factors that can influence the cost of Invisalign treatment. The first thing to consider is how severe your misalignment is, as this will affect both the amount of time it takes for the treatment to be completed and the attachments you might need to get the results you’re looking for.

The other factor that contributes to the length of treatment has to do with how well you stick to your treatment plan. The longer you wear your aligners each day, the faster they will work.

Invisalign VS Smile Direct Club™: Which Costs More?

Dentist making a heart with Invisalign aligners

The popularity of clear aligner treatments has spawned a market for DIY aligner kits, like those from Smile Direct Club™. These claim to offer the same results at a much cheaper price point.

However, the fact is that DIY aligner kits don’t involve any professional oversight, meaning that there isn’t anyone who can catch problems before they arise, or who can check you for oral health problems before beginning treatment. As a result, there is a much higher chance of encountering serious problems without you knowing.

On the other hand, Dr. Aziz and Dr. Haque will be able to work with you in person, ensuring that you’re getting the highest level of orthodontic care possible. Moreover, they can work with you personally to ensure that all of your needs are met.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Invisalign?

A dental insurance claim form

It’s never a sure thing that dental insurance plans will cover Invisalign treatment, and it’s still less common that Invisalign will be included in those orthodontic funds. However, it’s still worth checking whether your particular plan is okay with that.

You can also make use of an FSA account if you have one, so check with your employer to see if you have that option.

Options for Making Invisalign Affordable

Tooth next to a pile of coins

Even if your insurance isn’t going to cover Invisalign treatment, we have options available to you that can help to make care considerably more affordable. For one, we’re currently offering a special—$500 off your Invisalign treatment! You can ask us about this promotion at your consultation.

We also offer financing through CareCredit, a health and wellness lending firm. You’ll be able to break your dental fees into more manageable monthly payments, often without any additional interest.

Even if you don’t have insurance, there are plenty of ways that you can get the straighter smile you’ve always looked for.

Who Can Invisalign Help?

Female patient smiling at dentist at dental appointment

Since candidacy for Invisalign is determined on a case-by-case basis, the only way to find out if clear aligner treatment is ideal for you is by coming in for an exam. In the meantime, you can learn more about who Invisalign can help right here! As always, you’re welcome to bring any questions you have to our team as well.

Crowded Teeth

Illustration of crowded teeth

If your teeth overlap, then your toothbrush and floss have a harder time removing food particles, plaque, and other debris. As a result, patients with crowded teeth are typically more vulnerable to oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. The good news is that we can use Invisalign clear aligners to gently guide your teeth from their current positions to their ideal ones – all without the metal brackets and wires.

Gaps Between Teeth

Illustration of gapped teeth

In addition to creating more space, Invisalign can align your teeth if there is extra space. Similar to overcrowded teeth, it’s a good idea to address gapped teeth since food particles and plaque can get trapped in the unique crevices or along your gumline, negatively impacting your oral health in the process. As a result, clear aligner treatment has the potential to improve the look, health, and function of your smile!


Illustration of overbite

An overbite is when your upper row of teeth sticks out far beyond the lower set. Initially, this may not seem like much of an issue. However, too large of a space can lead to several complications, including jaw discomfort, premature wear, and even speech issues. The good news is that Invisalign can address bite problems like this with the help of orthodontic accessories, like attachments, rubber bands, and buttons.


Illustration of underbite

An underbite, on the other hand, is when your lower set of teeth protrudes beyond the upper row. Whether yours is the result of a childhood habit, like thumb-sucking, or genetics, it’s important to explore your treatment options. Otherwise, it could result in chronic bad breath, mouth breathing, and difficulty chewing. When you come in for your exam, we’ll assess the severity of your malocclusion to determine if you’re a candidate for Invisalign.


Illustration of crossbite

A crossbite is a mixture of an overbite and underbite (some of the bottom teeth sit in front of the top teeth and vice versa). This is a more complicated orthodontic issue to correct, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not a candidate for Invisalign. At your consultation, we’ll take X-rays and examine your bite to determine if the clear aligners combined with rubber bands and buttons can improve the alignment of your bite.

Open Bite

Illustration of open bite

If your upper and lower teeth don’t come together when biting down, then you likely have an open bite. Similar to the previously mentioned issues, an open bite can negatively impact your oral health, your confidence, and your speaking patterns. To prevent that from happening, we can often use Invisalign clear aligners to move both arches of teeth into proper alignment.

Invisalign FAQs

Closeup of patient holding Invisalign clear aligner

Are you curious how you should clean your aligners? Are you wondering if there are any foods (or drinks) you have to give up during orthodontic treatment? Are you curious what will happen if you lose one of your trays? Good news: you’re in the right place! Here are the answers to common questions about Invisalign.

How Do I Clean My Invisalign Aligners?

When you get your trays, they will be perfectly clear and see-through. However, it takes some work to keep them that way! One of the best habits you can adopt is rinsing your aligners thoroughly with clean water each time you remove them. This will help remove food particles, bacteria, and other debris from clinging to their surface. It’s also important that you clean your teeth and your aligners after each meal. You can use the same soft-bristled toothbrush for both. However, it’s not typically recommended to use toothpaste on your aligners – clean water should suffice.

Is There Anything I Can’t Eat with Invisalign?

One of the most important “rules” is that you cannot eat anything with your aligners in. Once you remove them, however, you are free to eat almost anything you want! We use “almost” because there are some foods that aren’t quite smile-friendly, like gummy candies, so we don’t recommend eating them in general. Similarly, we recommend eating crunchy and hard foods, such as raw nuts, with caution.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

The average treatment timeline with Invisalign is only 12 to 18 months, which is considerably quicker than traditional braces. Of course, there are several factors that need to be considered, including how complex your case is. It’s also important to remember that how well you follow all of the guidelines will matter too. For example, if you don’t wear your aligners for 20+ hours a day, it’s likely that your teeth won’t track properly.

What Should I Do If I Lose One of My Invisalign Aligners?

As we mentioned above, meeting the 20-22 hour-a-day wear time is very important. Since the clock starts ticking the moment you misplace them, it’s important to act fast! Do your best to re-trace your steps, looking at small crevices and unique spaces along the way (like the center console in your car). If they are really missing, then call our Ellicott City dental team ASAP.

Can I Drink Coffee with Invisalign?

Although you can drink coffee throughout your teeth-straightening journey, you can’t drink coffee with your aligners in, even if you use a straw. Remember, this is one of the easiest ways for your trays to turn from clear to yellow, which can cause your teeth to look brittle and discolored in the process. So, enjoy this caffeinated beverage when your aligners are already out, like while you’re eating breakfast.