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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Ellicott City, MD

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You probably feel like you know the basics about dental care: brush and floss every day, and visit My Ellicott City Dentist for a checkup every so often. However, there are many situations where you’re likely to find yourself with additional questions, and our caring team is here to make sure you’re well-informed about the various services you might require. Here are a few of the questions that we’ve frequently heard; call us if your own concerns aren’t addressed on this page.

How often should I visit the dentist?

In most cases, a checkup every six months is ideal. Seeing you twice a year gives us two key opportunities to identify and address dental issues as soon as possible, and we can act quickly if we notice symptoms that give us reason to be concerned, such as misaligned teeth or infected gums.

Can I bring my child to My Ellicott City Dentist?

Children of all ages – toddlers, grade-schoolers, and teenagers – are welcome at our dental office. No matter what their feelings towards dental care are, we’ll go out of our way to make the necessary accommodations to help them feel at ease. It’s important to make sure that your little one understands what good dental care looks like early in life so that they already know what to do when they reach adulthood and need to start taking care of oral health on their own.

What options are there for replacing teeth?

While the answer will be different for every patient depending on their own situation, we’re most likely to suggest dental implants to replace any number of teeth. The results will look extremely natural, and they’ll feel just like your real teeth once they’ve integrated with the jaw. They can last for many decades, and the maintenance required to keep the surrounding bone and gums healthy is minimal. You can schedule an implant consultation with us by calling today; you’ll have the chance to learn more about the difference sturdy new tooth roots can make.

My teeth are crooked. Will I need braces?

There are specific severe cases where metal braces will be required, but in other situations you might be able to use Invisalign instead. By wearing a series of see-through plastic aligners for at least 22 hours every day, you can relax as your teeth are adjusted without attracting unwanted attention. Invisalign is also convenient if you don’t want to change your diet or your oral hygiene routine. Not sure if Invisalign is the right choice for you? Call our dental office directly to set up an initial consultation and learn more.

Is my insurance accepted at My Ellicott City Dentist?

We are currently in-network with a number of common PPO dental insurance plans. This link will give you a list of the plans we accept; odds are very good you’ll find your current carrier there. If there’s anything you’re uncertain about, we’re here to help you. Call us today to learn more about how our dental office handles insurance and what sort of coverage you can expect at our dental office.

What can I do to reduce the costs of dental care?

You have a few different options for taking control of your financial situation when it comes to dental care. First, take a look at our special offers page and see if we’re currently running any promotions you can take advantage of. Then take the time to learn more about our Membership Club, which covers the cost of basic dental care and provides discounts on many other treatments. You can sign up for the club and our current special offers through our website, and you can learn more by calling today.